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Ecce Homo's celebration 16th -18th of October 2015






Distributions of humanitarian aid and comunity support

              Every year we import from 200 to 700 tons of food, clothes and other goods that are distributed in our own projects, partnerships or donations to poor families, communities or institutions all over the country.

            We aim at:

       Answering the urgent needs of food, clothes, other articles, etc.;

       Being involved in crisis situations such as calamities, poor communities, etc.;

      Showing God’s love in a very practical way, answering to people’s specific needs.  


In partnership with the local churches and authorities, we managed to provide relief for the population in most areas affected by the floods in the past years, distributing food, clothing, blankets, mattresses, etc. and providing financial support for the reconstruction of the damaged houses and building new ones.




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