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Ecce Homo's celebration 16th -18th of October 2015






La noi” Social Centre

         Opened in October 1998 in Cluj-Napoca, the Social Centre (being now at the third location under the name “La noi”) hosts from 15 to 20 children aged 2 to 18, who come from the street or other risk situations. These children find here support and protection in their search for identity and belonging…  

             With us, the children find:

  • Hosting for an undetermined period;
  • Emotional support for healing the wounds provoked by the traumatic events they experienced;
  • Social counceling for the children and the families they come from;
  • The necessary environment for socializing and deepening the relations with the other children from the centre, but also for the interaction with other social groups: class mates, church, different children clubs;
  • The appropriate environment for the development of the personal resources and abilities.  

             We mainly focus on:

  • Finding as soon as possible a long term solution: re-integration in the natural family (where this is possible and is for the good of the child), in the extended family, in a placement family, adoption, professional re-integration;
  • Integration in the educational system (school or kindergarten), offering life models, transmitting some moral and spiritual values;  
  • Developing the children’s abilities for the independent life and preparing them for the society.

              How can you help?   

  • Donations in money and goods. With the money from you, we keep the Centre working. We gladly receive any donations in food or other products. 
  • Sponsoring a child on a monthly basis.






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