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Social assistance of the families in crisis

The project started back in 1991 in Cluj Napoca and was extended till now in 16 cities from the country. Every year, our Organisation assists a number of approximate 300 families. Till now, over 5.000 families were assisted by us, and at least 15.000 children.

The beneficiaries of the project are families in crisis situations (economic, social, medical, etc.) who have theresidence in one of the places where the projects is developped: Alba Iulia, Botoşani, Cluj-Napoca, Şimleu Silvaniei, Timişoara, Turda, Târgu Jiu.

Our social workers focus mainly on:

● Finding solutions to the crisis situations the families are confronting with;
● Strengthening the family;
● Helping people in getting their legal rights;
● Encouraging people to assume responsibilities;
● Integration of the children in the educational system;
● Promoting and confronting the family with the Christian values and principles.

Now, you can help too!

Support a family on a monthly basis in order for them to get over the crisis!The social assistants will send you periodical reports regarding the evolution of the family you are helping.

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