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Ecce Homo's celebration 16th -18th of October 2015






Statement of Faith

● We believe in the Holy Scriptures (the Bible), the way they were given originally by God, as being inspired by God, infallibles and trustful, being the supreme authority in all faith concerns.


● We believe in one God, existing eternally in 3 persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


● We believe in the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His embodiment through the birth from the Virgin, in His human life without sin, in His replacing and expiating death, in His resurrection in body, in His ascension to heavens, in His work as only intermediary with the Father, and in His return in power and glory.


● We believe that the man is lost because of the fact that through his disobedience he left from the authority of God and has to return under He’s authority through repentance and faith in the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.


● We believe in the salvation of the sinners and lost men, through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, salvation obtained through faith.


● We believe that for the salvation of the sinner and lost men, to be born again through the Word of God and Holy Spirit is absolutely necessary.


● We believe in the Holy Spirit who lives in the believer and helps him to live a Holy life, to testify the Lord Jesus and work for Him.


● We believe in the Universal Church which is the body of Christ formed by the saved ones from all times and places in heavens and earth.


● We believe that the local Church (Assembly) is the visible expression on earth of the body of Jesus Christ. It has the purpose of praising God, of rising up the souls of the believers and preaching the Gospel.


● We believe in the unity through the Holy Spirit of all the believers who are born again.


● We believe in the resurrection of the saved ones and lost ones: the saved ones will resurrect for eternal life and the lost ones for eternal damnation.


● We believe in the second coming in body of Jesus Christ and in our gathering with Him in glory.


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