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Ecce Homo's celebration 16th -18th of October 2015






Short history


            Our activity began in the 29th of December 1989, springing from the desire to solve the chaotic situation created by the reception and the distribution of the humanitarian aid coming from the Western countries. We tried to set up a team of volunteers of 20-30 people who would receive and distribute the goods toward concrete needs.

            In the 1st of January 1990 we began to support medically the hospitals that would assist people shot in the Revolution.

            In the spring of the ’90 the situation of the orphanages from Romania shocked the West, which responded in many ways to the desire to change the situation of the hundreds of thousands of orphaned or abandoned children. In co-operation with the Department of Health we could answer the critical situation ensuring them food, clothing and the change of the living conditions of the orphanages from the whole country, from Siret to Giurgiu, from Năvodari to Aiud.

            In the 15th of March 1991 the Organisation became a Legal Person of private low.   In 1991 the Project of Social Assistance of Poor Families which, so far, was extended in 12 towns from the country, assisting socially, economically and spiritually more than 5,000 families and at least 15,000 children.

            The Organisation has extended its activity and enlarged its scope, from the children from orphanages to houses of family types, from poor families to communities at risk, from street children to a maternal unit, as an alternative offered to abortion. We try to distribute yearly between 300 and 700 tons of goods through our own projects, through our partners or through donations to private people or institutions.

            In its 20 years since it was founded, the Organisation proved to be a partner searched for and appreciated by other organisations and institutions from the West, as well as by the ones it has had within the country.

            We hope to continue to meet the social needs from Romania, and we offer the experience we accumulated so far to other organisation or projects from abroad.


(For further information, visit “The Projects of the Organisation”.)


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